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The foundation of our practice is to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers and clients. Our model of practice is known as the AKUNA model. This model stands for Access, Knowledge, Understanding, Nurturing and Application. The principles within those letters goes beyond teaching and learning and is interwoven in our entire business model.  
We have known for decades that the people who have the most impact on student outcomes are teachers and parents.  Technology’s role should not be to replace teachers or parents, but rather to enhance the interactions among teachers, parents, and students and thereby drive students’ learning and empower them to develop mastery of the academic standards and develop ownership of their learning.




The classroom remains the cornerstone of education in schools today, however, technology is making a vast headway into the new learning environments. Teachers must find creative ways to integrate technology in their lessons and to develop their teaching repertoire to make the classroom more engaging and exciting.

The use of technology allows teachers to access a wider range of innovative strategies to engage students in the classroom. By integrating technology authentically students are challenged to maintain its relevance and problem-solving skills in real life. 

We will assist you to:

  • refine and create problem solving skills;
  • assist students to become more digitally literate;
  • develop higher order thinking skills;
  • combine co-operative learning techniques with computer technology;
  • enhance metacognitive thinking;
  • understand the value of technology in society;
  • appreciate the value of cooperation;
  • promote the role of teachers in education;
  • advocate for a range of educational services for students, teachers, tutors and schools;
  • provide professional development for teachers;
  • promote research and excellence in education;
  • provide a forum for the development and enhancement of 21st Century skills; 6C's;
  • promote joint membership agreements with organisations around the world to support learning;
  • connect with others on global, social and educational levels


Australian Teachers began in Perth, Western Australia. We are a premier educational organisation. We offer friendly personalised sessions for schools, universities, businesses and organisations. Try us out. We have experienced staff waiting to assist your needs.  Our site promises  great customer service, support and guarantees success. We are a privately owned independent company that consists of instructional designers, learning managers, educators, teachers and tutors. We come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, locally and internationally, to provide the best possible outcomes for you.

Our focus is to provide resources for teachers, tutors, students, schools and all invested stakeholders in the pursuit of knowledge. ATC is company that fosters and facilitates learning and teaching in the 21st Century.

Our philosophy is that achieving academic and personal goals can be enhanced by developing strong technology skills in an environment where the individual teacher and learner is nurtured and supported in their own growth.

Our aim is to provide teachers, tutors and parents seeking a more open and fulfilling experience. This site provides the opportunity to look beyond the traditional learning styles and the confines of standard programs and limited access to resources, to a site that specialises in educational services in online and digital media content and the development of specialised tools for learning.

While Australian Teachers has a very strong academic focus, this entire website has its foundations built around an educational community designed to nurture and support the potential in every individual and to provide a learning environment in which teachers and others may continue to grow and develop their skills as they improve as professionals.

ATC was founded in 2003 and has evolved into an organisation that promotes pro-active practices to cater for the present global demands of teaching and learning.  Our well experienced and skilled staff are able to assist any student. We work to make sure learning is fun, interactive, engaging and purposeful.

We invite you to browse through the pages and find out more about us.