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Our web conferencing solutions let you reach your project goals faster.

With video conferencing and online meetings that you enable within our platform. It offers the following features:

  • collaboration opportunities
  • cost effective and timely
  • efficiency in the workplace or at home
  • unlimited meetings at the ready
  • clean interface, reliable, easy to use

Australian Teachers virtual platform will ensure that you will slash your travel expenses and accelerate progress in the workplace. The most exciting features are the ones designed to support blended learning within your organisation. It includes responsive web design practices, supports the 70:20:10 model for content delivery, social learning and self direction.

No one can interfere with your online meeting. One meeting link, you get your own personal online meeting room with custom URL - it’s your new operational virtual HQ! Online meetings made easy. ATC Webex was built with you and your attendees in mind. Whether you meet with colleagues, customers or business partners, you’re assured that all your meetings are easy to start and easy to join, with the simplest interface. In sales demos, external presentations, collaborative or ad hoc meetings, ATC Webex lets your best work shine through.




Web Conferencing includes:

  • Presentations - Upload images and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Shared applications - Share other participants’ programs as if they were running on your own computer.
  • Whiteboard as a tool - exchange free form text, images, documents etc
  • Record Your Event - Extend the life of your event, which will be archived for future on-demand viewing.
  • Chat - Text message all or specific individual participants.
  • Desktop application sharing - Share an application (single program or window) on your computer or the entire desktop.
  • File transfers, slide annotations and more - Send individual participants – or the whole audience – any file on your computer or network during the conference.
  • Annotate (mark-up) PowerPoint slides on-the-fly.
  • Allow participants to "raise hands" for questions and involvement.


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