ATC Support

Professional Development High-quality professional development (PD) helps organisations to continuously improve and maintain their practice and develop their staff. ATC presents a range of workshops and courses throughout the year and coordinates a rigorous process of endorsing providers.

We support public, private and not-for-profit education agencies and institutions around Australia to improve educational outcomes and drive productivity.We provide professional services to schools and agencies.Australian education systems and institutions are making smarter investments to ensure our students are competitive in today's global markets. Identifying quality improvement strategies and realising them at scale is a major challenge for any organisiation. We must continue to find ways to meet this challenge to prepare all learners for success in work and life.

Our mission is to be the leading independent provider of high-quality resources and services to empower generations of school leaders. ATC is made up of passionate education experts who have a desire to make a difference. This is the foundation of all our products, services and projects. We look forward to collaborating with you to empower generations of teachers, students and job seekers to achieve their goals.